Capture funny quotes from around your office.

Drop them into your team dashboard with a single line of javascript or pull them from our API to display somewhere in your internal tools. You’ve got a great culture, now capture it!

Invite Team Members

Easily invite your team members to join, so they can start adding quotes they hear around the office.

One Line Javascript Integration

All you need to get started is to drop a single line of javascript into a page and a quote will be displayed at random from your team! For a richer integration API access is also possible.

Slack Integration

Add quotes directly from slack with /officequote “I can’t believe it’s not butter”

iOS and Android Companion Apps

Out eating lunch with the team? Don’t miss out on capturing those hilarious moments! Our apps make it easy for any member of the team to capture the funny right where it happens.

@ Mentions

“That’s what she said” @Ruby to @Crystal for the millionth time.

Moderate & Approve Quotes

Team members can moderate and approve/deny quotes they are @ mentioned in. Team administrators can moderate and approve/deny all quotes.

Receive Updates